Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A trip to my mother's hometown

These were some of the photos we took from a trip to my mom's hometown in Lambunao iloilo Philippines. they had their annual brgy. fiesta just recently..

fiesta' is one of the most celebrated events in the country (philippines).

basically the photos were taken near the river and the veg and crops gardens...

these are my cousins... having fun at the corn field' hehehe

the three little kids are some of my cousins. we rarely see each other. so we really made the most out of the trip' ^,^ i miss them already...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Cupcake Butterfly Card entry for Color inspiration 50

(sorry for using my camera phone in taking this picture, i dont have a high quality camera... cant afford' :( )

I just made this tonight. technically yesterday because its already the 29th of april right now. I started with the card 9 pm yesterday and finished 1:00 am today. well I had to think very well on how i will compose my card. I know my card is a bit more bubbly than the others but you know what guys.. I really like it. It shows my personality. I just want to share my creative side. I love my work. I really did do my best and just let everything out (emotion, inspiration, fun and fab) And one more thing i literally had to scavenge every box, drawer, cabinets i have just to find the colors to use in this project. I had fun! and discovered lots of stuff i havent seen for a long time.

I mostly got my inspiration from Kristina from MACM videos on youtube, twopeas in a bucket and marion from a pieceofcraftdotcom and many more like stampinup. too bad i dont have a lot of craft paper to use. but you know what? i got through it and look at what i made? oh i just love it. I used a yellow shaded paper for my base cardstock, then used brown ink for distresing, buttons, and craft punches i bought locally here in the Philippines like the hbw daisy craft punch and jef teddy bear punch etc... i placed a brown ribbon at the top diagonaly (i like it betterthat way ^,^) i used a butterfly shaped eraser to stamp the butterfly at the side, used the back of a pencil to make the polka dots. i love polka dots by the way. hehehe and i also used beads to make the body of the butterfly and added a bookplate from hallmark at the bottom saying

"Friendship is a fresh bouquet of happy moments"

I chose this line because I love my friends. They are my inspiration and they are my ohana (we call ourselves ohana :a family....)

So... i love it and i made it special so I hope you like it too... Thanks Kristina!

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