Thursday, May 7, 2009

Color Inspiration challenge no. 51

My second entry on this challenge:

I plan to give this to my mom on mother's day. I'll make a few more for my aunts and my grandma.

I planned to make this card last night' however, when i was about to cut my white cardstock, the lights went off. there was a wide black out in our city. probably because of the storm. yep' its raining hard right now as i upload this image on my blog. But i wont let anything stop me from making this card! buwahahaha! :D hehe I finished the card today after our class in calculus was cancelled. then i had the chance to finish it.
I made this simple card. I added a little shine and shimmer on the cupcake with glitter. i cut out a small butterfly to add as an accent on the cupcaake "frosting" hehe.. I had fun figuring out what to do with the ribbon. I'm happy with how my card turned out.
thanks Kristina!


  1. Hi I found your blog from the Color challenge. Great card by the way :)

  2. Pretty card. I love the shine. You asked about my card base. It's a box of cards by Die Cuts With a View. I got a couple of boxes on sale and they're perfect and ready to go.

  3. Sweet card! I love the sentiment!

  4. The sparkle detail on the cupcake icing is so cute. Sounds like a generator is in order for emergency crafting projects. :)


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