Saturday, July 11, 2009

Juust little over $4

Hi guys!

Ok I’ve been busy for the past weeks due to schoolwork… and I have upcoming exams.
So I decided to go to our local bookstore “National bookstore” to see what’s new in their scrapbook aisle and to take a break from the hectic things I’ve been doing, and I found eight wonderful things I’d love to share with you. I computed everything that I bought and converted it to dollars and I was surprised that everything I bought in total was under four dollars. Isn’t that great?

Oh and I pinned them up on my cork board just so that I can see the newest things I have. And it’s kinda my inspiration board. ^,^
Chipboard letters $0.79, chipboard smileys $0.79, flower $0.54, button brads (2x) $0.40, puff shape butterfly $0.30, paper photo frames (2x) $0.37.
and by the way... stufftoys are not included in the $4 purchase that i got.. those were gifts from my 18th birthday.. from my friends... love them all! ^,^

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