Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holiday Cards

i made a few cards today. i posted it on my fb account, and i'm selling it for P19 only :)

i just wanted to share it to u guys since i have a lil bit of time ;)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ms. Earth 2009 talent competition

I was lucky enough to be with my auntie amd cousins to watch the talent competition of the ms earth 2009. it was held at one of the universities in our city. :) we enjoyed watching all the lovely ladies that night! good thing ms. Philippines got the ms earth air title! 1st runner up! :) congratulations!

back to RINGS

at last i had a day break today. no school stuff needs to be done. so i went and uploaded some pictures of the rings i made and are selling on my facebook account and i want to share it to u guys. :) enjoy!

Friday, November 6, 2009

my favorite youtube channels ... (crafting is a hard habit to break)

do you agree?

well, sem break is over and school is about to start.

3 week's isnt enough of a break for me. I'm not done doing my vids yet, or my minis as well. anyway i attended 2 debuts this past 2 weeks and was very busy crafting. but I'm loving it. anybody who loves art and crafts would agree with me.

i wasnt able to blog though. not much. but i was able to view lots of vids from youtube! and i'll tell u my favorite channels.:
some of them are

livelovescrap - ms Bona

and many more... i love to watch these girls scrap... I get most of my ideas from them. they might not know me but i sure do apreciate them a lot. Thanks girls! keep doin what your doing and be proud of it! thak you from the bottom of my heart. ^,^

i'm still gonna b watching your vids so keep them coming! i'm super excited!

anyway here's one card i made for a friend's bday

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