Friday, November 6, 2009

my favorite youtube channels ... (crafting is a hard habit to break)

do you agree?

well, sem break is over and school is about to start.

3 week's isnt enough of a break for me. I'm not done doing my vids yet, or my minis as well. anyway i attended 2 debuts this past 2 weeks and was very busy crafting. but I'm loving it. anybody who loves art and crafts would agree with me.

i wasnt able to blog though. not much. but i was able to view lots of vids from youtube! and i'll tell u my favorite channels.:
some of them are

livelovescrap - ms Bona

and many more... i love to watch these girls scrap... I get most of my ideas from them. they might not know me but i sure do apreciate them a lot. Thanks girls! keep doin what your doing and be proud of it! thak you from the bottom of my heart. ^,^

i'm still gonna b watching your vids so keep them coming! i'm super excited!

anyway here's one card i made for a friend's bday

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