Sunday, February 7, 2010

6th Challenge :) yes I completed it all!

The template was used to make the round backing behind the flower. the flower was from the template too. I used the scaloped scissors to cut around it ;) The Paris tag was made for me by Marie :) Thanks Marie!

hurray im done! ;)

Crop Challenge entry no. 5

here's playtime! cute pictures are that of my little cousins :)

now, I got the chance to use my stickers :)

my entry for the 3rd Challenge

Reminder: this is the 1st time i tried this technique lol :)

I chose to make a horizontal card :) i havent done a card for a while. thanks for the challenge i get to make one :)

4th challenge entry :)

I love my "LOLA" so much! and i will dedicate this to her ;)

Lola- is how we call our Grand mothers in the Philippines ;)
Im proud of my Lola. She was a teacher and is a very loving Mother to my dad and his siblings. She raised her Children very well, now they all have their families and all have earned their college degree and are now profesionals :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

2nd Challenge entry ;)

here's my take for the challenge 2 :)

"Honestly love u"

this time i did a 6x12 layout ;)

my entry for my 2nd crop challenge :)

here it is:

my dad has always been my inspiration to do my best in anything i do. I am their only child and only daughter :) I will always be my Daddy's little girl :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Been to busy with school stuff

It has been a very busy week... until now.. still busy busy busy... here are some shots taken from my room when my groupmates and I started making our business plan :)
we need a little bit of wackiness sometimes lol :) how i wish i could have more time to scrap. but for now, I'll have to stick to school work. ugh anyway wish me luck!

God Bless everyone!

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