Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My latest Poly Clay creation

I just wanted to share something I created this week :) its not scrapbook related but its one of my hobbies too :) Claying :D i love working with polymer clays :D thus photo was edited by my friend Nadine :D thanks nadz!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


i just wanted to share a few flowers i got from a local supplier for a friend here in the Philippines. :)

note: these are not from Prima or any other online stores :) they just have similarities and i love em!

What I've been up to lately

hey everyone! ive been MIA for a while and now im back! yey! i just got our of the hospital a few weeks ago. i dont want to get in to the details of why i was hospitalized. what i could share is that it was because of too much stress from school and other things i guess lol but no worrie im doing great! i only have a few meds left.

what have i been up to? well, last saturday my cousin turned 6! yey! i helped my aunt plan for it. i made simple invitations and a balloon topiary for her birthday. i was so thrilled to be able to play with balloons again and be crafty as well :) here's a few photos i took :)

we had lots of fun! had plenty of games ang prizes shared to the kids at the party :)

ER's Messages

Hi everyone! welcome! feel free to read my blog :) you can ask me questions, suggest things and even requests! :)