Saturday, November 20, 2010

Haul: Fashion

I needed some items for my trip next week. so I HAD to go shopping :D ok ok i splurged a little with the make up items hehe. but i only spent my birthday money fot it :D product list is typed below :D

88 matte and satin palette from Dollface cosmetics :D they are simillar to the BH cosmetics and Coastal scents palette in the US :)

list of products:

black dress from Monroe
belt from Robinsons dept. store
Careline oil control liquid makeup in "oriental"
Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in "earth"
Careline oil control face powder (refill) "tan"
Groovy blush/powder brush
Careline lip gloss no. 09
Ever Bilena Dip Liner "black"

all products are from Robinsons dept. store except
"eyelash curler
and the 88 palette:
by dollface Cosmetics :

Friday, November 19, 2010

Update: What i have been up to :D

Hey everyone! How are u? I really hope u are all doing well :D
I just wanted to share what i have been up to lately sine i havent posted any blog posts recently or have made any videos in youtube in a while. I still do check your videos ad comment on them, but I must admit that it’s not as frequent as I did before. I do enjoy watching your projects and hauls every now and then I just couldn’t watch it all in one sitting hehe

I know I don’t need to give excuses for being MIA for a while, since I know each of us have our personal life. And it’s a must to make it a priority :D
However, I still want to give my excuses hahahaha! And I wanted to let you know how ive been :D

First, during sem break, I haven’t done so much crafting coz I attended my cousin’s wedding and I had to travel, I also had to deal with some family stuff. And I got sick again : ( not as bad as before, just a cold and fever for a couple of days. But now im totally fine!

Second, Classes here in the Philippines started and im in my last semester in college hurray! Graduating April 2011 :D and i really want to concentrate more on my schoolwork for now. From time to time i would stare at my craft supplies and would wonder when i could play with them again, i think it won’t be anytime soon :( i have to set priorities and of course no. 1 on my list is my College degree. This would really make my mom and dad very happy. As some of you might know, I am an only child so I feel pressured and i do take education seriously. Thats what my mom and my dad taught me. Education is the best material thing they could gift me.
With all the school work, this photo shows what makes me sane: haha!

Third, December and Christmas or the holidays are fast approaching and im receiving a couple, not a lot, hehe just a few orders for my polymer clay accessory business in facebook hehe :D I sell them locally. I enjoy making polyclay products but sometimes it stresses me out too. Since I had to squeeze it in with my study schedule. I realized I can do only a little at a time. That means not much scrapbooking for me for now. I will probably have to wait till the holidays where I get to craft again  hopefully hehe.

you can find more samples on my personal facebook page as: "er saturnino" and my other account which is "clay Goodies" feel free to add me as a friend :D

Fourth, is that I have to fly for a conference (school related) in the capital city of the philippines which is in Manila. I had to be there for about 6 days. From November 26 to December 1. So that means no youtube for a while. :’( however! I get to check out some places where I could shop for laces and trims and probably some mulberry flowers for crafting :D wish me luck! I might do a giveaway soon! Both in my blog and on youtube :D I really want to do a giveaway as soon as I can squeeze it in my schedule. :D

Thanks everyone for reading my blog for today. I cant wait to do some crafting again soon. Take care!
Hugs, ER

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