Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's been a while. . .

It has been a while since my last post,
I have to admit sometimes I feel lazy to scrap. . . maybe because I have been uninspired to work with my stash, it bothers me though.
But when I have the itch to do some scrappin' I get drowned with to many "other" things that i had to get done.

As of the moment, I am managing my small local online business based in facebook, called "clay goodies". It caters to both of my passion; fashion and crafts. I sell ready to wear clothes for women, and polymer clay items. (since i have not gotten an office job yet) I get to work with my business management skills and my creative skills through this. and Im happy. however, sometimes. . . it eats up my energy and I dont get to scrap as often as I did before. I miss It. . . so much.

But I know. someday that "mojo" will find me again. . . or I might find it again. haha! I love scrapbooking and Im not giving up on it. and I miss you girls/ladies! I still watch your vids often though :)

But for now, let me share my latest venture: Polymer Clay

I will do a couple of tutorials on these, and a few more videos which were requested by my subbies :)

till my next post. . . God bless!


  1. These look soo good! And the poodle is just too cute!!! Did you do these yourself? You are one talented lady! - Mar

  2. yes I did :) thank you! ill be following your blog ^,~

  3. As always these are amazing creations, Ellen. I have done some of your flowers like the ones you did long ago. I have altered the project a bit and I want you to come and look at it and tell me what you think? Am I a good student? ;-) Ohh and I have mentioned you on my site...hope you don't mind..but if you prefer not to be mentioned let me know ASAP. My address where you can see your/my and e-mail is


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